Representative Transactions

Representive Transactions

Brennecke Partners LLC is a small boutique venture capital firm. The best way to describe who we are, and the industries in which we invest, is to review several of our representative transactions. The Brennecke portfolio spans multiple verticals with each investment sharing one important characteristic: the prospect for asymmetrical financial returns. Specifically an investment tailored around an attractive risk-reward opportunity with an investment structure to protect Brennecke and its co-investors.

Fiberoptics & Telcom Investments

Optical Communications Group (OCG), formed in 1998, is a privately held fiber optic connectivity provider. OCG offers high bandwidth fiber optic transmission capacity to a wide range of enterprise customers, voice/data carriers, and government. OCG owns and operates a facilities based network, with direct control of end-to-end network quality. OCG provides an extensive array of offerings including the design, construction and maintenance of fiber optic networks. OCG is proficient in managing the “last mile”, contributing to their reputation as an organization that provides a lower cost, secure, quality solution for fiber transport needs.
Website: www.ocgfiber.com
Long Island Fiber Exchange, Inc. (“LIFE”), is a facilities-based network service provider serving customers on Long Island, New York, and in Westchester County, New York. LIFE built one of the most dense fiber networks on Long Island, 900 miles of fiber and 550 lit buildings in its network at the time of its sale to Sidera Networks in December 2010. In turn, Sidera was acquired by Lightower Fiber Networks in 2013.
Website: www.lightower.com

Medical Device Investments

Founded in 2009, ENDOCLEAR LLC is focused on developing novel tools and approaches to previously unaddressed or under-addressed problems in the field of respitory management. endOclear® with Collection Adapter, first commercialized in 2012 removes secretions, biofilm and bacteria from ventilated patient’s endotracheal tubes. Endoclear products have dramatically improved treatment for patients on ventilators.
Website: www.endoclearinc.com
Estech develops and markets a portfolio of innovative medical devices that enable cardiac surgeons to perform a variety of surgical procedures, while specializing in minimally invasive and hybrid ablation. The company’s COBRA line comprises a number of first‐ever ablation technologies invented, developed, and brought exclusively to market by Estech. These include temperature‐controlled RF energy delivery, Versapolar™ devices that provide both bipolar and monopolar energy, suction‐applied tissue contact, and internally‐cooled devices which provide superior ablation performance compared to other ablation systems.
Website: www.estech.com

Disruptive Industrial Technologies

Rebirth Partners, LLC was formed to successfully commercialize an environmentally friendly (“GREEN”) anti-wear additive for passenger car motor oil (“PCMO”). The GREEN additive is fluorinated zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (“F-ZDDP”). Engine oil containing F-ZDDP will meet all of the industry approved performance test protocols and is considered GREEN because it provides better fuel efficiency and economy and permits the engine to emit fewer emissions than conventional motor oils. Engine oil blended with the Company’s GREEN additive provides better fuel efficiency and economy than conventional motor oils because the Company’s patented formulation (licensed from The University of Texas at Arlington) reduces phosphorus levels in the engine oil which is important because phosphorus is known “to clog” catalytic converters and reduces their efficiency over their useful life cycle. Currently, high phosphorus levels are equated to better engine protection at the expense of worse fuel efficiency and economy and more emissions. The Rebirth additive improves fuel efficiency and economy and lowers emissions but still protects the engine from wear. The full attributes of the Company’s product are listed below:

 GREEN PCMO Specifications  Product Benefits to Automakers
  • Fuel efficiency/fuel economy
  • Better gas mileage
  • Reduced green house gas or CO2 emissions
  • Ability to meet higher CAFE requirements
  • Emission system improvement via lower phosphorus levels and lower phosphorus emissions
  • Emission system compatibility / lower tailpipe emissions of air pollutants / lower catalytic converter costs and improved catalytic converter longevity
  • Longer Engine and exhaust system durability / engine oil robustness
  • Enhanced extended warranty coverage / market share growth and customer retention

Innovative Dining Concepts

Big Smoke Burger
Big Smoke Burger, a burger concept founded in Toronto, Canada in November 2007. Serving handcrafted burgers and hand cut fries made in-house daily. Big Smoke Burger is committed to sourcing the freshest ingredients in order to deliver the best possible product. The restaurants are 1,000 to 2,500 sq feet and seat 50+ guests and have a modern look focusing on natural materials to give it an “old school” feel. The Big Smoke Burger philosophy is to serve excellent gourmet burgers in a clean, cool, casual environment with exceptional service. Brennecke financed the first franchise in Manhattan.
Website: www.bigsmokeburger.com

Litigation Finance

Brennecke has successfully invested in several commercial litigation efforts in recent years including:

  • patent assertion entities that enforced patent rights against infringers in order to collect licensing fees, specifically with respect to touchscreen technologies;
  • financing litigation brought by creditors against directors and officers for pre-bankruptcy corporate actions
  • contract performance litigation by financing out-of-pocket expenses in contingency related lawsuits.